About us

Redcape owns and operates a diverse portfolio of hotels across New South Wales and Queensland.

Our venues are positioned at the heart of their local communities. We provide a friendly and safe atmosphere to meet and interact. Our Venue Managers create an environment that is in tune with their local communities.  

We offer a range of services including food and beverage, gaming, accommodation and functions. We are the leading pub operator of electronic gaming machines, wagering, sports betting outlets and keno, and we have a clear focus on delivering exceptional, and responsible, service and maintaining high quality facilities. Our retail liquor stores include large liquor barns, drive through outlets and walk in Bottleshops operating under the Liquor Stax brand.

Redcape prefers to own its pub freeholds and takes a strategic and disciplined approach to acquisition and redevelopment to optimise the portfolio and provide patrons with a high quality, safe and enjoyable environment.

Achieving a balance between shared expertise, corporate oversight and local venue autonomy and agility is central to our strategy to drive growth and create long-term value.