Supporting Local Communities

With our focus firmly on people and communities, we are deeply committed to shaping and nurturing sociable and sustainable communities. Not only are our venues designed to reflect the needs of the individual communities we operate in, we are also proud of the fact that we provide employment and career development opportunities for locals. Being so engrained in the fabric of our communities sees us working in partnership with our staff and customers to collectively initiate positive change-for-good programmes across the 28 communities we operate in.

This starts first and foremost with our progressive and community-focussed low impact entertainment offering and responsible service of alcohol and gaming policies, across all of our properties. We recognise our responsibility to ensure all of our customers enjoy safe, sociable and welcoming venues, and responsibly enjoy our beverage and entertainment offerings. Customers can also easily monitor and manage their gambling activity via our Publinc Help programme, as well as opt to set limits on time and spend, and self-exclude themselves access to specific venues if required. Through our partnership with Gambling Help NSW, customers are also provided easy access to support and counselling services, should gambling addiction be a concern. Find out more about our approach to Social Responsibility.

Our Publinc membership rewards programme not only rewards customers for their spend in our venues, but also allows members to allocate points and credits towards our positive change-for-good community initiatives. Furthermore, through our Publinc Communities programme, staff and customers alike are invited to contribute towards our monthly community donation scheme. We are proud of our efforts to better the communities we operate in and strive to continue building stronger communities.