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Redcape CEO Dan Brady provides a June trading update

CEO Dan Brady discusses venue trade since the reopen of the Groups pubs following the COVID-19 shutdown and confirms its fourth quarter distribution to close out the financial year. Redcape CEO, Dan Brady, said, “We have emerged from the shutdown and generated profitability early in the reopening of the economy. Our deliberate and differentiated business…

CEO Dan Brady discusses the reopen of Redcape venues

Redcape CEO Dan Brady discusses the reopening of venues from MA Hotel Management Pty Ltd on Vimeo. “As we continue to progress through the process of managing the business and the effects of the temporary shutdown of pubs due to Covid-19, there remains a sense of calm and purpose which has enabled management to productively…

CEO Dan Brady discusses progress on securing business certainty

CEO Dan Brady discuss progress on securing the business certainty including cash reserves, a waiver on its cessation clause and further future flexibility from its lender group, supporting and caring for its people and future planning for expected change in community sentiment as a result of COVID-19.    

CEO Dan Brady discusses the COVID-19 shutdown

CEO Dan Brady discusses the COVID-19 business shutdown and notes the Group’s $100m cash in the bank and $10m / quarter operating expense.

Redcape CEO Dan Brady and CFO Tim Fawaz Present 1H20 Results

Redcape’s 1H20 Results To view the presentation, click view Webinar  

Dan Brady speaks with CommSec’s Tom Piotrowski

Redcape Hotel Group (ASX:RDC) CEO, Dan Brady speaks with Tom Piotrowski about the company’s key achievements since listing in November 2018 & the strategy behind driving growth through acquisitions and real estate ownership.

Dividend Reinvestment Plan Policy

The terms and conditions of the Redcape Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP) and details about how to participate can be found here.

Fund Payment Notice – March 2019 period

Please download full details of distribution below. Download now.

Fund Payment Notice – December 2018 period

Please download full details of distribution below. Download now.