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With our recent listing on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:RDC), Redcape Hotel Group is currently embarking on a period of significant growth. We offer a strong, stable, responsible and sustainable investment option that not only guarantees a steadfast focus to deliver investor returns, but that also enables all  investors to participate in and be rewarded by supporting our positive change-for-good initiatives. 

Redcape Hotel Group’s portfolio boasts 32 venues (31 freehold and 1 leasehold) up and down the east coast of Australia, as well as 22 bottle shops, three accommodation hotels and the Australian Brewery. As a land-rich business, managed by a senior leadership team who are committed to sustainable business growth, we offer an investment opportunity that comes with solid foundations and proven success, enabling the flexibility to easily grow and adapt the business to market changes.

We invite you to read the PDS in considering an investment in Redcape.

ASX Announcements

Date Title
30/11/2018 Supplemental Deed of Amendment No 2 of Constitution RHT I Download
30/11/2018 Constitution - RHT I Download
29/11/2018 ASX Notice - Admission and Quotation Download
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